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The spinal cord contains the nerves that send messages between your brain and your body. When it is injured, that communication process is drastically compromised, and often results in loss of movement below the injury site.

Spinal cord injuries (SCI) can happen in an instance, and just as quickly your life can change forever. An SCI can result from an automobile accident, a defective product, a sports-related accident, such as when skiing, bicycling, playing football, falling at work or at home….

We can’t predict the future, nor can we live our lives in a protective bubble, but we can take steps that may prevent us from becoming one of the 11,000 Americans who suffer a SCI annually.

In addition to winning multi-million-dollar verdicts and/or settlements on behalf of clients with spinal injuries, we take pride in having set noteworthy precedents within the judicial system. Representative cases that exemplify our expertise in this area are as follows:

Examples of recoveries achieved in spinal injury cases

Spinal Injury — Automotive AccidentsThird-Party Case

Our client, a Caltrans worker, was on the side of the highway when an 18-wheel truck lost control and hit another truck, which then struck our client. The impact threw him 15 feet in the air and against another truck. He suffered spinal injuries.

Result: Substantial Six-Figure Settlement

Spinal Injury — Automotive Accidents

Our elderly client was driving his car when he was struck by another vehicle, causing him to lose control and swerve into the median, crashing head-on into a tree. The damage to our client's vehicle was so severe that he was entangled in the vehicle and had to be rescued by the local fire department using the Jaws of Life hydraulic rescue device. He suffered numerous orthopedic injuries that affected his lifestyle and prevented him from playing golf, his favorite hobby.

Result: $680,000 Settlement

Spinal Injury — Automotive Accidents

Our client was driving when she stopped for pedestrians. The other car, traveling at approximately 40 mph, struck the rear of our client's stopped vehicle. She suffered spinal injuries and developed fibromyalgia as a result of the accident. Settlement was for the policy limits.

Result: Substantial Six-Figure Settlement

Spinal Injury — Defective ProductsThird-Party Case

Our client, a 65-year old airplane mechanic, fell from a scaffold when the guard-rail safety mechanism gave way. The impact of the six-foot fall to concrete caused fractures in four vertebrae in the neck, a bruised spinal cord and injured his head. The long-term result included weakness and a loss of sensation in the arms and legs; and neurological damage resulting in cognitive and memory impairment.

We demonstrated that the scaffolding did not provide adequate warning when the guard rail wasn't properly latched.

Result: $3,710,970 Jury Verdict

Spinal Injury — Defective ProductsThird-Party Case

Our client, a 45-year-old father of four who had been on the job for 17 years, suffered a broken neck and was permanently disabled when a front-loading trash bin fell as it was about to empty its contents in a waste-disposal truck. Evidence revealed that the truck design did not incorporate any hooks, latches or even a non-slip surface on the forklift that could have prevented the accident. Instead, the trucks relied on gravity to keep the bins in place.

We demonstrated that several simple, inexpensive safety devices could eliminate the foreseeable risk of serious harm, not only to workers who use the trucks, but also to pedestrians and other drivers who might be in the vicinity when a truck is emptying bins.

Result: $1,750,000 Jury Verdict

Spinal Injury — Defective ProductsThird-Party Case

Our client was a flight attendant who was pulling a bar cart from the elevator of a jumbo jet. The brake on the cart was supposed to easily release when the latch was activated, but it failed, causing him to wrench his back, resulting in spinal injuries. We proved a design defect in the latch.

Result: $600,000 Settlement

Spinal Injury — Defective ProductsThird-Party Case

Our client, a 35-year old man who worked as a courier for FedEx, was standing near the end of a 20-inch-high platform attached to a long conveyer belt. He was placing packages on the conveyor when he inadvertently stepped off of the platform, struck a metal pipe and landed on his back on the ground. He broke vertebrae and aggravated a pre-existing spinal condition, which rendered him unable to walk, sit or stand for long periods of time. He was permanently disabled from his job at FedEx.

We proved that the lack of a gate or barrier at the end of the platform was a hazard.

Result: $1,647,038 Jury Verdict

Spinal Injury — Toxic Substances

Our client's mother ate homegrown vegetables from her garden while she was pregnant, and unknowingly ingested lead that had migrated through the air from a spray paint booth in a nearby factory. This exposure cased birth defects, including deafness, impaired vision, acute scoliosis, malformations of the cerebellum and brain stem, and mental retardation. The verdict was against the paint manufacturer for failing to provide adequate warnings and instructions, as the paint factory was bankrupt.

Result: $3,970,000 Verdict

Spinal Injury — Unsafe PremisesRetail Slip and FallThird-Party Case

Our client was a 46-year-old woman employed by Ralph's as a bakery clerk. Just prior to her early morning shift, a maintenance contractor employee applied wax stripper to the floor, but did not post warning signs or set up barricades. Our client slipped and fell, and suffered injuries that included a fractured rib and disc injury in her neck. She required neck surgery and was unable to return to employment at the market.

Result: $770,000 Jury Verdict

Spinal Injury — Unsafe PremisesFallThird-Party Case

While working on an elevated platform at Los Angeles International Airport, our client was exposed to a jet blast from an airline's taxiing engine. He was blown from the platform to the ground, suffering spinal injuries. The suit was filed in federal court.

Result: $400,000 Settlement

Spinal Injury — Unsafe PremisesThird-Party Case

Our client, a 59-year-old automotive service manager, worked for Penske Automotive Center located on Kmart premises. He slipped on battery acid leaking from a battery left in a store aisle by a Kmart employee. This violated Kmart safety policies. He suffered a herniated disc requiring surgery. He was unable to continue gainful employment and continued to suffer from back pain.

Result: $1,479,000 Settlement

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