Workers' Compensation Injuries & Illnesses Coverage

The Workers' Compensation system was developed to cover a range of work-related injures and illnesses. Below is a list of representative hurt at work accidents and health hazards the program encompasses. If you're not sure if you are covered, it's important to talk with an attorney click here.

Injuries and Illnesses Covered

Back and neck Injuries

Injuries from lifting or moving heavy objects, or other activities during the course of performing work activities. Back and neck injuries also may be caused by cumulative trauma (see below).

Hurt at Work while lifting boxes

Cumulative trauma

Injuries caused by repetitive physical trauma such as carpal tunnel syndrome or other injuries from prolonged standing, lifting or other work activities.

Cumulative trauma at work

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Ric Scott

Occupational exposure

Injuries such as hearing loss, allergic reaction, asthma, lung disease and cancer caused or aggravated by workplace conditions, including exposure to toxins such as gases, fluids, chemicals and molds.

Heart attack and stroke at work

Heart disease, hypertension or conditions that lead to strokes and other medical problems caused or aggravated by the job. For example, this sometimes occur with weight gain subsequent to a physical injury.

Heart attack at work


Injuries from being struck, shot or physically attacked by co-workers or customers, or as the victim of a violent crime at work.

Auto accident

Injuries occurring while driving between work sites, in route to training or work-related meetings, or performing work-related errands. Injuries caused by accidents during regular commuting generally are not covered, although there are multiple exceptions.

Driving accident at work

Leg Injuries at Work

Conditions caused or aggravated by prolonged standing at work, such as phlebitis, knee or hip problems or varicose veins.

Prolonged standing at work can lead to work injuries

Communicable diseases

Diseases such as AIDS, hepatitis, TB or valley fever, if it can be proven that the infectious source was work-related.

Female nurse and work injuries

Slip, trip and fall at Work

Injuries caused by falling on work premises, including sidewalks, floors, stairways or in parking lots.

Worker with leg injuries, hurt at work.


When work conditions cause or contribute to the cause of death by accidental injury, exposure or illness, including heart attack or stroke (as above), a worker's dependents may qualify for compensation.

I was very blessed to have attorney Sherry Grant and her staff working on my case; they are a very dedicated team. Without their patience, knowledge, friendship, perseverance and time, I wouldn't have received a settlement and the medical treatment I needed. 
Veronica Gonzalez

Psychiatric injuries

Some psychiatric injuries due to stress may not qualify for Workers' Compensation. For psychiatric injuries due to stress occurring after July 16, 1993, the law requires that, with few exceptions, you must prove your job was the "predominant" cause of the injury. Injuries from stress due to lawful and good faith personnel actions do not qualify for Workers' Comp. Although there are some exceptions, you may not qualify for benefits unless you worked for your employer at least six months, or if you wait to report an injury until after being notified of job termination.

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