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I used this firm twice for my Workers’ Compensation claim; I would recommend them a thousand times. They can do everything remotely or by phone these days. But even before COVID-19 I went into the office for the initial meeting and signing of paperwork, and I don’t think I ever needed to return; everything was done through phone calls, mail and email. They are very available and respond to you within an acceptable time.


Sherry Grant

Sherry Grant is an outstanding attorney who fought tenaciously for my workers' comp case.  Her advocacy on my behalf was instrumental in providing me hope after suffering from a devastating work-related injury. She successfully represented me against a major utility company and in the end was able to obtain a fair and just settlement. Her professionalism, tenacity and integrity throughout the case provided me confidence that I had hired the right lawyer.  My family and I are indeed grateful for all the work Sherry and her team conducted.

I am an educator in the City of Los Angeles and experienced a workplace injury on a school campus. Attorney Sherry Grant protected my rights and dignity from the wolves of the ivory towers as she is brilliant, intelligent and the best Workers' Compensation Attorney in Los Angeles. I am pleased and grateful to have met the amicable Sherry Grant as she represented my citizenship and defended my person when I was at my physical/mental worse. Without any reservation, I'll continue to recommend her to others as she advocates for justice and defends all injured workers. Additionally, there is her hard-working, meticulous, devoted and caring staff to ensure your needs. Thank you again Sherry Grant!

Sherry Grant and her staff know well the maze that is Workers' Compensation. Their consistent expertise got me through the long, complicated process to an appropriate final settlement. I would recommend Sherry Grant to anyone seeking knowledgeable, confident representation in a Workers' Compensation claim.

Worker and Workers Compensation

Since I got hurt in 1985 I understand the importance of someone I can trust when it comes to speaking on my behalf.  In 1986, after a year of struggling with a lot of pain, I still could not find someone who cared about my pain and my injury.  Then I was referred to Sherry Grant.  She came to my aid, and went beyond that.  Any time a member needs guidance or assistance, I call Sherry, and she speaks for the injured worker.   I trust her advice and professionalism because she cares.
Worksite Organizer
SEIU 721

I was very blessed to have attorney Sherry Grant and her staff working on my case; they are a very dedicated team. Without their patience, knowledge, friendship, perseverance and time, I wouldn’t have received a settlement and the medical treatment I needed.

A friend referred me to Sherry Grant, a partner in the Workers Comp department.  She took the case, and also referred me to Howard because there was a personal injury aspect.  I left my first meeting with him with trust and faith that he could get the job done.  He was always thinking one step ahead of everyone else, and had his hands around all of the technical details.  He treated me with the utmost respect.

There are some types of people who are unique in this world and Howard is one of them.

Nurses and Workers Compensation

Howard was like a dear friend. From the moment we met him, we were totally at ease.  His honesty, good-heartedness and genuinely caring demeanor were immediately obvious.  He and his staff will always hold a special place in our hearts for the sensitive way in which they took care of our family's needs.  Our well-being was as important to them as getting the job done. The entire experience was 100 percent positive and the end result exceeded our expectations.”

Howard did a fabulous job. He answered all my questions and was always there for me when I needed help. Since I was unable to walk due to my accident, he went out of his way to come to my home. He and his secretary, Liz, were always pleasant and courteous, returned phone calls immediately and followed through without fail to accomplish our objective. I would definitely recommend Howard to anyone.

Howard made the logistics of a long-distance case simple. I live in the Boston area and had a medical malpractice case in Los Angeles. A Massachusetts law firm recommended Howard based on good feedback from previous referrals. I met him while on a business trip to Los Angeles and was immediately impressed with his professionalism. He and his associate Gary Stern thoroughly understood the issues of my case and gave me the confidence to proceed. They maintained regular communication by email and phone so I always knew where I stood.  Whenever I called with a question, they responded immediately. When I had to fly out for depositions, they arranged for them to be held in their office and referred me to a hotel virtually across the street. I am very pleased with the outcome of the case. I have already recommended Howard to a friend and would definitely recommend him to others.

This was the first lawsuit I've been involved in, so I wasn't sure what to expect.  Howard described the process, and he and the firm kept me apprised every step of the way.  If I called to ask questions, someone was always available to help.  My case was settled out of court, and I couldn't have asked for a better outcome.
Mrs. Dona Johnson

Richard Felton

Richard Felton took care of my wife’s case for nearly 20 years. His outstanding performance saved her life. She would not have made it through this incredibly difficult time without his support and the support of his amazing staff. You could not find a better firm to handle your case.


I'm a deputy probation officer, a career that has often been gratifying and fulfilling, but also physically and emotionally demanding.

While preparing for a second knee replacement surgery due to the demands of the job, I spoke with attorneys Richard Felton and Amy Leung. They fully described legal rights, and explained each procedural step along the way.

I was compensated beyond my wildest expectations. This new-found financial security will allow me to consider retirement soon. Needless to say I have been totally pleased and satisfied by the legal representation I received at GEK.

Attorney Richard Felton provided me with superb legal representation. I was referred to Mr. Felton at a point when I was very unsure about the outcome of my case. He never raised any false hope in me, but he managed to win a very sizeable settlement for me. For this superb performance, I will remain eternally grateful to Mr. Felton and would very gladly and proudly recommend him and his law firm to anyone in need of legal services.

Richard Felton is an excellent attorney. He is very thorough and kept me in the know every step of the way during my case. I felt a personal connection with him; he was truly concerned about me and my well-being. I had a couple attorneys before I finally found Richard; they did nothing for me. Richard took over my case and accomplished what the others didn't or couldn't. I have already recommended him to a friend of mine, who is very happy to have Richard on his side.

Twice I have turned to attorney Richard Felton when choosing an advocate, and twice I have been rewarded for making the right choice.  Mr. Felton is a true professional, a cogent advisor who has a facile understanding of the law from the worker's point of view and who is then able to interpret even the most complex legal perspectives clearly and patiently for his clients.  Confidence engenders trust; based on my experiences, I have complete trust in Gordon, Edelstein, Krepack, Grant, Felton, & Goldstein.”

Labor and Los Angeles Workers Compensation

I have been a client of Richard Felton for over nine years. As a physician with a work-related injury, I have high standards.  The firm handles my complex case with excellence, professionalism and understanding. Richard is exceptional in addressing my concerns, advocating care, assuring reimbursement and managing the intricacies of my case. Without his help and expertise I would not be feeling as well as I do, nor would I receive the medical care necessary.

My very stressful and painful situation has been made much better by Richard and his wonderful staff. I would strongly recommend anyone seek his advice and counsel for legal issues.

Attorney Richard Felton stood by me and fought hard on by behalf for 10 years until my case was finally decided…very successfully. Through it all, Richard always had time for me. He is a very caring, bright, articulate, professional person. I would recommend Richard and his firm to anyone in my position. 

David Goldstein

As the former president of the Newport Beach Police Association and an officer who retired honorably due to an on-duty motorcycle collision, I am qualified to discuss Attorney David Goldstein and his abilities to assist police officers that find themselves caught in the Workers' Compensation system.

David explains forms and procedures to officers so that they understand them, responds to their questions in a timely fashion, and refers them to qualified doctors. Unfortunately, too many times I saw officers follow the advice of their supervisors or work comp personnel, resulting in substandard medical treatment or legal settlements that do not properly compensate them for their injuries.

The sooner you retain David Goldstein, the sooner he can protect your rights and help you get the treatment you deserve.

I was referred to attorney David Goldstein by another lawyer who said Gordon-Edelstein was the only firm I should contact about my on-the-job injury. I initially spoke with Mr. Goldstein on the phone and explained my injuries. During that conversation, he explained the Workers’ Compensation process to me thoroughly, and patiently answered all of my questions. When we met in person, Mr. Goldstein explained what he could do for me and told me what type of medical treatment I could receive and the possible financial compensation I could expect. Mr. Goldstein is a man of his word. Everything he told me came to fruition. One of the many things that impressed me about Mr. Goldstein and his staff was their quick response to my phone calls and e-mails.
School Police Officer

David Goldstein has represented me and several faculty and staff members at my school site with our cases involving chemical exposures in our community.  He has proven his professionalism and follow-through with each individual case.  Mr. Goldstein and his office staff have been responsive to our concerns while educating members of their rights. He has met with us during various stages of our cases and has extended support throughout the process.  It has been a positive experience dealing with David Goldstein.
Educator and Chapter Chair, United Teachers Los Angeles

The Union would like to commend David Goldstein and his firm for their noteworthy work on behalf of those in the janitorial industry. It is reassuring to observe Mr. Goldstein’s level of commitment to the working people. He provides high-quality representation for our members, and educates them so they can enjoy secure and healthy jobs. On behalf of the 42,000 members of SEIU Local 1877, I thank Mr. Goldstein. We look forward to continuing to work together.
Internal Organizer
SEIU Local 1877

Adam Dombchik

My attorney was Adam Dombchik. I have had other attorneys in my past, and this is the first one that showed he cared about me and my injuries. He answered all my questions and gave me the time to explain all my problems. My case took some time to finish due to COVID but he still got it through. If I would ever need an attorney again he is going to be my first call. All I can say is thank you so much Adam for all you did.


Workers' Compensation is a daunting matter.  As a firefighter/paramedic for more than 20 years, I, like all firefighters, suffered minor injuries throughout my career.  The first time I heard my human resources department bragging about how much they saved by confusing their employees and giving them the runaround through a complicated Workers' Compensation process, I began a search for the best Workers' Compensation attorney I could find.  After consulting with a few civil attorneys that represented our union local, I called Adam Dombchik.

I have never seen anyone do as much work as efficiently as Mr. Dombchik.  Adam is clearly in tune with the numerous complexities of Workers' Compensation law.  Throughout the entire process I felt confident that I was in good hands.  Every step of the way, Adam was always willing to answer my calls, texts or emails, and provide me with solid advice.   A consultation with Adam will get you an honest assessment of your case with no sales pitch. 

Don't let your public employer get away with cheating you out of what you deserve.  Make sure that they follow the law and take care of you, like you have taken care of those you are sworn to protect.  I proudly recommend Adam Dombchik to everyone that I speak to who has a work-related injury or illness.  Thank you Adam, for your passion and dedication to injured workers in California."

San Gabriel Fire Department (retired)

I was recommended to Attorney Adam Dombchik by other lawyers who described him as an expert in the field of Workers' Compensation. They were right. He handled my case in a very efficient, professional way. He did a great job, and I'm very happy with the outcome. I would recommend Adam to anyone who wants the best."

Workers Compensation in Construction

Workers' compensation claims can often leave a hardworking employee neglected by his employer, which has a variety of consequences.  Having recently been subjected to this, I would like to thank attorney Adam Dombchik and his team for all their hard work. I truly benefitted from Adam's seasoned practice and hard stance on justice for his clients.  I am humbled by his unrelenting desire for such a noble cause, and am very thankful that Adam was recommended to help me in this regard.
John Anthony

Feeling frustrated and defeated by the workers' compensation system, I was ready to give up until a doctor highly recommended I contact Adam Dombchik to review my case.  It was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Adam's team promptly returned my e-mail and conferred with me shortly thereafter.   His representation immediately made a profound effect in the way the insurance company and my employer treated me and the case.  Adam took all of the pressure and allowed me to focus on my recovery.  The workers' comp system is confusing, and Adam patiently explained to me what to expect.  Step-by-step, he expertly navigated the case, and provided me peace of mind, a totally unexpected financial settlement, and, most importantly, lifetime medical benefits.

I hope you never need a workers' compensation attorney, but if you do, Adam Dombchik should be your first call.

As a California Police Officer who was shot on duty, I can attest to the fact that having to deal with a workers' comp claim is the last thing any cop wants to deal with. I feel lucky to have been referred to GEKLAW for this matter. Adam Dombchik has made this unfavorable experience one of the easiest to deal with in terms of his knowledge, experience and professionalism!  I would recommend GEKLAW and Adam Dombchik to anyone having to deal with such a claim.
Police Officer Joe

I was very disappointed, frustrated and disgusted with how I was being treated before I met with Attorney Adam Dombchik. Mr. Dombchik was professional and compassionate from the very beginning of my case. He paid attention to every detail, and went above and beyond the call of duty. He always treated me with respect and made sure that I was receiving the care that I needed. Throughout my case, he remained efficient, effective, and truly fought for me until my case was over. I commend him for courtesy and dedication.

As a fireman, I sustained on-the-job injuries, and was not receiving proper medical treatment through the Workers' Compensation system. With Adam Dombchik's knowledge, expertise and guidance throughout the process, I was able to obtain the proper medical treatment and receive my permanent disability retirement. I would highly recommend Adam to anyone who has been hurt at work.

After being rejected by other attorneys who thought that my case wasn't worth fighting for, Adam Dombchik accepted my case. I'm very grateful for his services and the results—he went to trial on my case, won it and then did a post-trial settlement that was even better than the Judge’s award.  He made sure that I had medical protection in the future. I highly recommend Adam Dombchik to anyone.

I feel very lucky to have been represented by Adam Dombchik. He is easy to talk to and was very responsive. He returned my calls, emails and texts immediately. He kept on top of things, and kept me informed all along the way. Not only is Adam very professional, but his staff is as well. I would recommend Adam to my friends 100 times over.

Adam Dombchik successfully represented me in a Workers’ Compensation case that my employer kept denying, even though the doctors concluded that my injury was work related. As I was becoming frustrated with the system, Adam was building my case, and we won! I highly recommend Adam to anyone who needs assistance in getting medical treatment from a giant company that refuses to help a long-time employee.

As a side note—while waiting for my hearing, more than one attorney approached me to say how lucky I was to have Adam represent me. They said he was the most honest, smart, hardworking lawyer around.

After nearly 20 years in the law enforcement profession, and having never filed an Injured on Duty claim, I began to have medical issues that caused me to go out on medical leave. The city did not believe my claims and I was forced to use my own accrued sick, holiday, and vacation time. I sought referrals from my peers and was told that Adam Dombchik had an excellent reputation for resolving these types of issues. I met with Adam and knew immediately that he was experienced, knowledgeable, and that he genuinely cared about my situation. Adam was successful in negotiating a substantial permanent disability award as well as financial reimbursement for the leave I had used, and obtained medical evidence that assisted me in obtaining medical retirement. Adam kept me informed throughout this very stressful process and has continued to help even though the case is closed. I highly recommend Adam Dombchik to anyone who may find themselves in a similar situation.

Throughout the two and a half years of my case, attorney Adam Dombchik kept me informed as to the status of the case, returned phone calls and e-mails promptly, and  helped me through a very thorough deposition. I have recommended Adam, without hesitation, to several co-workers and others in the Law Enforcement community.  Adam was able to resolve my case due to his skill, knowledge and positive working relationships and for that I thank him.

Sgt. Roger
El Segundo PD
PORAC Legal Defense Fund Trustee(ret.)

My journey with attorney Adam Dombchik began in 2008; reviewing where I started from and where I’m at today, I can’t thank Adam enough for fighting for me. He has secured me a compensation for everything I’ve had to suffer through all these years.  Adam is an honest and realistic person who understands his clients.  I have referred Adam to others and I will continue to send potential clients his way because he’s the real McCoy.

My husband spent his career advocating for injured workers.  When he died unexpectedly, I wanted to find a firm that would carry on his legacy and fight for his clients.  Adam Dombchik and his firm, Gordon Edelstein, did just that.  They stepped in and provided helpful assistance to his many clients.  I highly recommend Adam and his firm if you need assistance with a workers’ compensation case.

Before contacting Adam Dombchik, the entire process of dealing with Worker's Comp insurance had been aggravating and exhausting. I felt like I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. I was at my wit's end, and I decided to make one last attempt at getting a fair and proper resolution. It was the best decision I could have made. I created a statistical model to determine who was the most talented, genuine and benevolent attorney I could find. Adam was the decisive winner, and I promptly contacted him. For the first time, because of Adam and the GEK law firm, I had a friend in the process. My case is over now, and because of my friend, an equitable conclusion was reached. Thank you Adam. 

I came to Adam Dombchik with a pretty serious case. I can write an entire page of nothing but positive statements about how Adam treated my case but, more importantly, me as a person. He always supported me, kept me informed, and treated me with honesty and respect. I'm very pleased with the outcome of my case.

Adam Dombchik’s professional guidance and counseling made the healing process of putting my life back together much easier for me and my family. We would have given up if it wasn’t for the way Adam helped us with all the barriers and denials from the insurance company. Adam and his staff treated me more as a friend than a client. He effectively negotiated on my behalf to resolve all the legal issues concerning my catastrophic injury. I went through a very painful time, but now it’s finally over and I am me again. Adam and his firm truly are advocates for the injured worker.

I was extremely fortunate to have been represented by Adam Dombchik. He has a strong grasp of law and always talked straight and simply with me and advised me of what I might expect.  He and his staff always were prepared and answered all phone calls and e-mails immediately and to my satisfaction. They are entirely devoted to their clients. My trust of Adam was and is 100 percent. He took all of the stress out of my case and made sure that I was compensated properly and treated with dignity.

After hearing Adam Dombchik speak at an association-sponsored event, I sought his legal assistance regarding an injury case that was nearing resolution. Even though he was not being paid, he assisted me by guiding me through the process to a positive result. Whenever I asked for his assistance, Adam was prompt in his response, thorough and courteous. I really appreciate his guidance and professionalism.
Ventura Police Officer

There are no words I can say that would fully express my appreciation to Adam Dombchik and his team for all their hard work on my case.  Their effort resulted in not only a great outcome, but also a very positive effect on my life, and I am so grateful.  I appreciated the physical therapy and diagnostic tests that I received.  I felt very confident with Adam’s expertise in workers’ compensation law, so I put my life in his hands.  He didn’t let me down.  I told him early on that I was so glad my case was assigned to him.  He is my hero!

I could  not have asked for a better workers’ compensation attorney to represent me than Adam Dombchik. He is very knowledgeable and was always willing to explain things to me throughout the entire process. I am also very grateful to his Spanish-speaking staff members for their support and patience.

It makes me proud that my attorney has spoken to legislators concerning injured workers and the benefits we receive. My personal experience with my adjuster was a relationship of intimidation; I received very little information until it was close to too late. I had no knowledge of my rights until I spoke with Adam Dombchik and hired him to oversee and handle my case.

Thank you, Mr. Dombchik

After almost two years of pain and suffering, I was left alone, begging the insurance company to authorize my treatments.  I have no regrets in choosing GEK and, most especially, having Adam Dombchik as my legal counsel. I felt very fortunate to have someone with his expertise and knowledge of the law represent me. He really took care of me.  He had the insurance company adjust my temporary disability rate to almost double per week and made sure my surgeries were done.  If not for Adam, the insurance company would have gotten away with doing practically nothing. The results of Adam's efforts were much more than I expected.

My family and I would like to express our sincerest gratitude to Adam and his staff for helping me and for his professional legal representation.

If I were to describe attorney Adam Dombchik I would say he is loyal, professional and sincere.  He understood what I was going through, was concerned about my health and well-being and communicated the facts of my case to me in a way I could understand. I felt very comfortable with him and truly appreciated his battle readiness. He speaks his mind, and people listen. He’s like the Clint Eastwood of attorneys.

I would like to sincerely thank Adam Dombchik and his team for their relentless commitment to settling my case. I initially hired another attorney to handle my case; he accomplished nothing!  When Adam took control, I was sent to "reputable" doctors and was able to receive the proper medical testing I needed. Adam’s knowledge of Workers’ Compensation Law is impeccable. When it came time to settle the case Adam took charge and produced a great outcome.

Adam Dombchik put countless hours of hard work and dedication into my case and he kept me informed every step of the way. I appreciate everything he did for me; he really looked out for my best interests. Adam is an experienced and knowledgeable attorney and a true gentleman.

Personal Injury in LA

Attorney Adam Dombchik’s perseverance, knowledge and experience prevailed in my workers’ comp case. The defense fought till the end, but Adam was more than a match for them every step of the way. I appreciate Adam's dedication and commitment, and would highly recommend him.

I am very pleased by the outcome of my Workers’ Compensation case.  Adam Dombchik’s work and the time he spent on my case allowed me to relax, knowing that I was in very capable hands. Adam and his team are very knowledgeable about this area of law, and anyone who uses his services can rest assured that he will use every resource to achieve the best results. I would highly recommend Adam and his firm to anyone wanting the best and most professional legal representation.

Adam Dombchik became my only hope in a denied and disputed Workers’ Compensation claim in which he prevailed. He not only kept me well informed every step of the way, but also made sure that my settlement was in order, including the interest on the money that was owed me. I would be more than happy and proud to refer any of my friends and family members to Adam.

Steve Scardino

This review is for Attorney Steve Scardino. I was referred by a friend to give him a call regarding a Workers’ Comp. claim. After a significant amount of time on the phone, Steve gave me an honest assessment of my case. The man kept taking my calls and provided some guidance that led me to a fair compensation. The best part, he didn’t need to take me on as a client. The guy is something else! I recommend anyone to call him. He will be open and honest about what he thinks of your situation. Thanks Steve.


Steve Scardino’s professionalism, knowledge and concern for my well-being were extraordinary. I feel confident that Steve has my back and has proven to be more than an attorney; I consider him a friend.

Steve Scardino is responsive, attentive, reachable and down-to-earth. He truly cares about the outcome of his clients” cases. He is honest and straight-forward with me and has done everything I have asked and more. I appreciate his devotion and his strong work ethic, and I feel truly lucky to have him in my corner.

Joanna Sacavitch

Joanna Sacavitch was the attorney taking care of my Workers’ Compensation case. She was very professional, knowledgeable, helpful, kind and understanding of my situation. Any time I had a question or concern she was willing to explain and make sure I understood. She fought for a fair and just settlement, and I was very pleased with the result. I would strongly recommend her for any Workers’ Compensation case you have.


I'm so thankful that I had Joanna Sacavitch handle my Workers' Compensation case. I couldn't have had a better attorney. She is so smart, kind and professional.

Attorney Joanna Sacavitch was very responsive to my needs, which put me at ease. My life became better the day I walked into her office.
Police Officer Tim

Erika Vargas

Five months ago I had the privilege of having Erika Vargas representing me; what a great treat. Her supporting staff, including Fernando Luzan, were right on. You get hurt at work you need someone to have your back. They certainly had mine! You do not need to belong to a union for the help. Protect yourself…you’re worth it. They did all the grunt work.


From the moment I spoke with Attorney Erika Vargas, and after a deep breath and a huge sigh, a feeling of confidence and calm came over me regarding my legal representation.  She has a unique style and personality that make me feel like I have known her for years and that I have found an attorney that considered me first as a human being and second as a client.  She clearly understands my Workers’ Compensation injuries and explains my options in a way that makes me confident that I am being represented by one of the best. While I have been abandoned by my employer and without any responses by my previous attorney's office, Erika has stepped up to the plate and I look forward to finally getting my life back in control.  I will recommend Erika Vargas and GEK Law without exception to all who ask for legal representation.

Personal Injury in LA

Amy Leung

Amy Leung and (super assistant) Bianca Barragon. What can I say about these two very special ladies? Not only one case but two cases did they help me get through. I am not the easiest person to deal with, but they stuck with me, clarifying that it will all be taken care of as planned. I was always comforted by kind words and the sincerity in their voices. They always answered my emails, and got back to me by a simple phone call if necessary. Both of my cases are now closed and I am fully satisfied. I would in a heartbeat recommend these ladies again. Thank you both so much for putting your 100 percent on my Workers' Compensation cases. Thanks again Amy and Bianca; may God bless you always.


Amy and Cynthia successfully navigated and settled my Workers’ Comp. claim/lawsuit after months of frustration and irritation. They were helpful, attentive, honest and forthright about every question and/or issue. The clout they brought to the table ensured my settlement was fair and necessary. I highly recommend this firm and its partners and associates for anyone struggling with their Workers’ Compensation problems.


I'm a deputy probation officer, a career that has often been gratifying and fulfilling, but also physically and emotionally demanding.

While preparing for a second knee replacement surgery due to the demands of the job, I spoke with attorneys Richard Felton and Amy Leung. They fully described legal rights, and explained each procedural step along the way.

I was compensated beyond my wildest expectations. This new-found financial security will allow me to consider retirement soon. Needless to say I have been totally pleased and satisfied by the legal representation I received at GEK.

I am so fortunate that Amy Leung was my Workers’ Compensation attorney. She was professional, kind and knowledgeable, and was on top of my case every step of the way, which was particularly important when it came to my medical treatment.  She listened to and answered all of my concerns.  It was refreshing to receive prompt and professional service, and I am very happy with the settlement.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Amy to family and friends.
Cynthia Alexander

I am very grateful to Amy Leung for all of her work on behalf of my case. It has been a long, difficult struggle; Amy’s support and expertise have helped me so much. I don’t think I would have made it without Amy and her team.

Alvaro Lizarraga

I truly could never thank Al Lizarraga enough for all his expertise and hard work; he went beyond my expectations! Not only did he get me way more than I expected, but he explained everything to me in a way I could understand. And, he was always there fighting for me. He is the BEST man for the job!! Thank you, Al!


Alvaro Lizarraga is an excellent workers' compensation attorney. Not only does he fully understand the law, but he was also able to explain it to me in a way that I could understand. He was very responsive, patient and organized. I would highly recommend Alvaro to anyone in need of an attorney who will really fight for you if you get hurt at work.

Sherry Grant and Erika Vargas

Many thanks go to attorneys Sherry Grant and Erika Vargas, two amazing professionals, who addressed all my legal issues in a straight-forward manner with understanding and sensitivity throughout the entire process.  Sherry and Erika are extremely knowledgeable, and shared all information in a sensible and direct style.  Both women have a great deal of grace and class and made the arduous process of worker's compensation bearable.

Personal Injury at Work in LA

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