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The brain is a complex and crucial part of our everyday lives and is the foundation of who we are. However, in an instant that all can change due to a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

TBI occurs when an outside force traumatically injures the brain. It is a leading cause of death and disability worldwide. The Centers for Disease Control reports that roughly 1.4 million people sustain a traumatic brain injury each year.

As the result of the negligence of another, whether caused by an automobile accident, medical negligence, bicycle accident, the law firm of Gordon, Edelstein, Krepack, Grant, Felton & Goldstein, LLP is committed to offering information, guidance and representation to those who have sustained a TBI. Because we understand the impact such a catastrophe has on the victim as well as loved ones, we turn serious injuries into serious victories by effectively utilizing our expertise, resources and knowledge.

Examples of recoveries achieved in brain injury cases

We have won numerous multi-million-dollar verdicts on behalf of clients whose lives were ruined by a brain injury. For more than 25 years our California brain injury attorneys have sought justice for those who suffer injuries that should or could have been avoided. Representative cases of these are as follows:

Brain Injury — Automotive Accidents

Our client, a father of two, hired our brain damage lawyers when he was rear-ended by a bus. The accident caused whiplash and some brain damage. As a result, he couldn't complete certain business projects.

Result: $750,000 Settlement

Brain Injury — Automotive Accidents

Our client, a high school student, was a passenger in a car with four friends driving at night after leaving a party where the driver consumed alcohol. The driver was unable to negotiate a curve on a rural road and the vehicle overturned. Our client suffered brain damage, which affected his speech, memory, the use of his arm and compromised his ability to walk. Our brain damage attorneys proved that the lack of a warning sign was a significant factor in the accident.

Result: $1,770,000 Jury Verdict

Brain Injury — Construction Accidents

Our client, a laborer was installing air conditioning when he was knocked to the ground from the top of a ladder by a falling piece of ventilation weighing 200 pounds. Upon striking the ground, he hit his head and suffered an injury to his brain.

Result: $1,000,000 Settlement

Brain Injury — Construction Accidents

Our client, a 43-year-old laborer, was working for a contractor hired by a housing tract developer. He dug a hole for a multi-ton septic tank to be placed by another contractor. The tank was held in a cradle on a crane and lowered into the hole. As it was being lowered, a cable came loose, releasing a six-foot-long, 75-pound iron bar. Our client, standing nearby, was knocked down. He suffered head injuries resulting in a hearing deficit, poor vision, fatigue, memory problems and emotional impairments.

Result: $1,000,000 Settlement

Brain Injury — Defective Products

Our client, a 50-year-old father of two, was hanging Christmas lights on his garage when the ladder collapsed beneath him. He hit his head on the ground and suffered brain and spinal injuries. Our California brain injury attorney was able to prove that the design was insufficient to prevent the ladder from buckling and collapsing.

Result: $1,850,000 Settlement

Brain Injury — Defective Products

Our client, a mechanic in a rental yard, was mounting a multi-piece rim on the axle of a vehicle when the wheel exploded. He was struck in the forehead and knocked back 30 feet. He suffered permanent brain damage. Our brain damage attorney in California proved that the design was defective in that there was no way to tell whether or not the rim parts were locked in place.

Result: $1,200,000 Settlement

Brain Injury — General Negligence

Our client, a 53-year-old veteran truck driver and father of two, was working for a heavy equipment hauling company doing work at a NASA facility near San Jose. NASA employees were helping him load a section of the space shuttle onto a flatbed truck when a 250-pound towbar unexpectedly swung around knocking him off the truck onto the ground 10 feet below. The accident left him brain-damaged and a quadriplegic requiring institutional care.

Result: Federal judge awarded $4,200,000.

The case went through two trials and an appeal to the Federal Court of Appeals. The U.S. Supreme Court denied the U.S. Government's petition for hearing.

Brain Injury — Toxic Substances

Our client's mother ate homegrown vegetables from her garden while pregnant and unknowingly ingested lead that had migrated through the air from a spray paint booth in a nearby factory. This exposure cased birth defects, including deafness, impaired vision, acute scoliosis, malformations of the cerebellum and brain stem, and mental retardation. Since the paint factory was bankrupt, the verdict was against the paint manufacturer for failing to provide adequate warnings and instructions.

Result: $3,970,000 Verdict

This was the first case in the country to show that lead in the environment caused birth defects.

Brain Injury — Toxic Substances

Our client was an artist who lived in a loft. Wicker baskets, which were sprayed with toxic fumigants to protect them from rodents, were stored in the area just below her. She hired a Gordon Edelstein brain injury attorney in California because the exposure to the fumes caused memory loss, and she could no longer work as an artist.

Result: Substantial Six-Figure Settlement

Brain Injury — Toxic Substances

The client of our Los Angeles brain injury attorney, a pay dozer operator, was working at the Port of Los Angeles. He accidentally broke into an underground storage tank filled with residual chemicals. The fumes caused him to pass out and suffer slight brain injury.

Result: $500,000 Settlement

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