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Third-Party Cases

Handling "Third-Party" Cases: Maximizing Your Potential Recovery

With the combined expertise and experience of Workers' Compensation and Personal Injury attorneys under one roof, we have a unique vantage point from which to maximize your potential recovery in "third-party" cases, as well as Workers' Compensation cases.

What is a "third-party" case?

A third-party case is a civil lawsuit against a party other than your employer who bears at least some fault for your work-related injury. In most on-the-job injuries, your first recourse is to the Workers' Compensation system. Most often, Workers' Comp benefits are paid for an on-the-job injury without questioning who is at fault. However, in some instances a third party may have some fault in the injury. Examples include the negligence of someone other than your employer or co-employee(s) who contribute to your injury, or a defective product that causes injury. In this event, it may be possible to sue this third party for your personal injury, in addition to pursuing benefits through the Workers' Comp system.

How the "Big Picture" Works for You

Our combined Workers' Comp and Personal Injury expertise gives us a "big picture" view of your case so we can avoid the limitations of approaching your case from only a Personal Injury or Workers' Comp perspective. For example, a settlement under Workers' Comp may be used to reduce your Personal Injury settlement, and vice versa. We are positioned to maximize your overall potential recovery by looking at your situation as a whole.

Our experienced team of attorneys works together to develop the most effective strategies, identify the most qualified expert medical witnesses, gather all the necessary evidence to support your claims, and negotiate or litigate for the highest overall recovery for our clients.

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