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We have obtained significant amounts for those harmed due to negligent medical care and treatment. Although 80 percent of medical malpractice trials result in a defense verdict, we have prevailed in 80 percent of the cases we have taken to trial on behalf of plaintiffs. In addition, we have been able to settle numerous medical negligence cases over the last 25 years. (Medical Malpractice in California: Do I have a case?).

Examples of recoveries achieved in medical malpractice cases

Undiagnosed Strfoke Symptoms

Our clients, a widow and three young children, were left without their sole provider after their 44-year-old husband and father sought medical care for what he believed to be a small stroke. He informed his doctor of a personal history of shortness of breath and tightness in his chest, as well as a family history of hypertension and stroke. The doctor provided no treatment other than aspirin and water pills. As the symptoms persisted and progressed in following months, the doctor ordered two separate chest X-rays, ignoring the results on both even though they suggested additional evaluation and follow-up. Documentation from the patient's final visit included symptoms such as pain in his calf and coughing up blood, but he was only instructed to continue taking aspirin. Three days later, the patient collapsed from a stroke ultimately resulting in his death.

Result: Substantial Six-Figure Settlement

Birth Injury

Our client, now a teenager, was left a quadriplegic and mentally retarded after a West Covina obstetrician delayed ordering an emergency C-section during her birth. A nurse indicated to the delivering physician that the mother was in distressed labor, exhibiting signs of a partially detached placenta decreasing oxygen to the fetus. Instead of immediately ordering the operation, the doctor waited 35 minutes before proceeding. The doctor's failure to react quickly and appropriately resulted in our client's severe birth defects.

Result: $7,100,000 (Future value of $24,000,000) Verdict

Botched Organ Transplant

Following a double organ transplant, our client, a 40-year-old insulin-dependent diabetic, developed an infection that led to a myriad of medical problems requiring multiple surgical procedures and an unusually long hospital stay. He was left with permanent injuries.

We were successful in reaching a negotiated settlement with the Regents of the University of California. It is one of the largest settlements of its type.

Result: $3,000,000 Settlement

Ankle Fracture

Our client's dream was to be a fireman. Due to a fall, he suffered a serious injury to his ankle. A prominent orthopedic surgeon advised surgery. The surgery was not successful, and the surgeon failed to advise our client that there was a short period of time in which a second surgery could be performed to prevent serious permanent injuries. We were able to prove that the surgeon failed to provide appropriate care, and that his foot could have been corrected with timely intervention. Our client was unable to enter the fire academy and fulfill his dream.

Result: $1,100,000 Jury Verdict (decreased to $805,000 due to MICRA statute) - the largest medical malpractice verdict in that courtroom.


After a motorcycle accident in which our client suffered multiple leg fractures, a physician failed to timely diagnose a severed artery in his leg. Due to the delayed diagnosis and delayed surgery, his leg had to be amputated.

Result: Confidential Substantial Settlement

Surgical Negligence

Our client, a married 46-year-old mechanic for the government of Guam, needed cardio-thoracic bypass surgery. During the surgery, the surgeon damaged a major nerve, causing paralysis to our client's right arm. He lost significant use of his right arm and was unable to continue to work in his former occupation.

Result: $570,300 Jury Verdict

This case was appealed all the way to the California Supreme Court where the plaintiff's verdict was upheld. The California Supreme Court published its opinion in the case of Bonds vs. Roy. The case is frequently cited with regard to designation of expert witnesses.

Anesthesia Negligence

Our client, a single adult male, went to a surgical center for routine work-related shoulder surgery and sustained severe brain injury during the procedure. The surgical center and the anesthesiologists denied responsibility and claimed his injury was unrelated to negligence. We were able to prove that the anesthesiologist was negligent in carrying out his anesthesia duties during the shoulder procedure.

Result: $765,000 Settlement (in addition, there was a substantial workers' compensation recovery including lifetime care)

Hospital Negligence

Our client, a single retired woman, presented to a local hospital's emergency room with neck pain. She was admitted to the hospital for further care. While in her patient room she fell from a gurney because the nurse had failed to put up the side rails. She ended up permanently disabled and limited to sedentary activities.

Result: $675,000 Jury Verdict

Failure to Timely Treat

Our client, a 55-year-old pharmacist and father of four, presented to a vascular surgeon with painful leg symptoms. His initial complaints were ignored. Subsequently, he returned and was diagnosed with an occluded popliteal artery. Surgical intervention was not successful and he lost his leg.

Result: $821,000 Jury Verdict

In addition to the significant jury verdict, the case is noteworthy because we were told it would be impossible to win in a Santa Barbara courtroom, given that we are Los Angeles-based, our experts were from Los Angeles and the defendant was a well-respected Santa Barbara surgeon.

Wrongful Death

The single mother of a 12-year-old girl fainted at work and was taken to Centinela Hospital's emergency room. Although the 30-year-old woman remained in the emergency room for approximately 10 hours, no effort was made to diagnose or treat her while her condition continued to deteriorate. Instead, the emergency room management was focusing on finding a way to transport her to a Kaiser facility where she was a member. Three hours after the patient arrived at Kaiser, she died of a pulmonary embolism.

In an effort to cover up the negligent care, a hospital nurse altered the patient's records.

Result: Confidential Substantial Settlement

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