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Angels in the Field

GEK Helps Sponsor an Event for the Children of Farmworkers

Angels of the Fields, a Sacramento community volunteer group, shines

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California's New Workers' Compensation Law

What Injured Workers Need to Know About This New "Reform"

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Geklaw supports Autism awareness

Walking for Autism

It's amazing what the power of love can accomplish. Just ask those who participate in the Autism Speaks Walk.

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For over 30 years, the law firm of Gordon Edelstein has established itself as a recognized leader in Workers' Compensation and Personal Injury.

We understand the need to protect and enhance the quality of life for members of our communities and work tirelessly to maintain and advance the legal rights of those we represent.

Expanding Workers' Rights in California

From office buildings to construction sites, every workplace poses its own set of dangers—ways in which workers can become ill or injured. California’s Workers’ Compensation laws provide injured workers with benefits designed to help them receive the medical treatment necessary to recover. And though the Workers’ Compensation system was developed to cover a wide range of work-related injuries and illnesses, the laws are constantly changing. It is imperative that injured workers are represented by experienced, knowledgeable attorneys who specialize in obtaining the full range of benefits to which they are entitled.

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Personal Injury & Workers' Compensation Lawyers

Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

If you have suffered an on-the-job injury, you may be entitled to benefits under Workers' compensation. Only an experienced workers compensation attorney can advise you of your rights following your on-the-job accident or personal injury.

Our Workers’ Compensation attorneys keep abreast of the ever-changing laws, and are on the legislative frontlines, helping to ensure that the rights of the state’s injured workers are protected.

Twice I have turned to attorney Richard Felton when choosing an advocate, and twice I have been rewarded for making the right choice. Mr. Felton is a true professional, a cogent advisor who has a facile understanding of the law from the worker's point of view and who is then able to interpret even the most complex legal perspectives clearly and patiently for his clients.
Richard Bailey

Personal Injury Practice

Our Personal Injury attorneys are committed to effectively representing people who have suffered serious injuries on the job or outside of the workplace. We specialize in representing individuals who are seriously harmed by:

These often involve spinal injury, brain injury and wrongful death. We also represent victims of employment discrimination on the basis of religion, race, age, gender or disability. Our personal injury lawyers have developed a reputation for effectively representing employees who are harmed at work as a result of injury, occupational illness, exposure or continuous trauma that develops over time.

Roger Gordon demonstrated exceptional professionalism in having the courage to take on my case and go up against a major industry. He never lost faith and pursued my case to positive outcome.
William G.

A Winning Combination

Our combined expertise allows us to coordinate third-party cases, ensuring you the best possible outcome. We have an A/V rating, the highest standing among our peers for professional excellence and personal ethics. Many of our attorneys hold leadership positions in the legal community. With a staff of 60, our firm has the resources to focus on each client's needs. Seeking the services of a professional personal injury firm in Los Angeles, California is highly recommended. Our expert personal injury attorneys will help you obtain workers compensation in Los Angeles, California.

Knowledge Is Power

We are also dedicated to the legal education of the community. In addition to publishing newsletters for clients, union staff and other professionals, our partners speak regularly on the legal rights of injured victims.

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