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Our wrongful death attorneys in Los Angeles, California have had significant success representing the families of loved ones. Our dedication to the client and our faith in the legal system have motivated our firm for the past two decades.

The highly experienced and skilled wrongful death attorneys in our law firm have been specializing in representing the families of wrongful death victims throughout the State of California. We have gained a reputation of a premier personal injury law firm with the highest rating possible. We are proud of our proven track record of successful wrongful death cases. With the help of our reliable wrongful death attorney Los Angeles, you will be able to get your due compensation.

Our wrongful death lawyers in California have successfully represented more family members for the loss of their loved ones than most other law firms in the State of California. Based on our expertise, we have a unique distinction and an advantage over other wrongful death attorneys in Los Angeles, California.

Examples of recoveries achieved in wrongful death cases

We have been able to earn an excellent reputation in the legal community amongst judges, and opposing attorneys. Representative examples of our success in seeking damages for irreplaceable losses include:

Wrongful Death — Automotive Accidents

Our clients were the widow and adult child of a middle-aged businessman killed in an auto accident. We were able to establish that the other driver was inattentive and at fault for the accident. With the help of forensic economists, we conducted a comprehensive earnings analysis and established a substantial loss of support.

Result: $3,000,000 Settlement

Wrongful Death — Defective Products

Our client, a baggage handler at Los Angeles International Airport, was exposed to diesel fumes from an improperly maintained baggage loader. He developed Reactive Airways Disease from the exposure which led to his death. Our wrongful death attorney in Los Angeles proved a defect in the design because the fumes were not vented away from the workers.

Result: $750,000 Settlement

Wrongful Death — Elder Abuse — Nursing Care Negligence

Our clients were two brothers whose 96-year-old mother was admitted to a nursing home in stable health. Prior to her admission she had fractured several ribs in a fall, was hospitalized and then transferred to the skilled nursing facility. After only a short time, her condition began to deteriorate. She was placed on Ativan, which made her lethargic, and was soon in a coma. She was transferred to a hospital where it was discovered that she was severely dehydrated and suffering from untreated urinary septic conditions. She never regained consciousness and died three weeks later.

Result: $385,000 Settlement

Wrongful Death — Elder Abuse — Nursing Care Negligence

Our client was the surviving wife of a 60-year old insulin-dependent diabetic admitted to a nursing home for rehabilitation from a stroke and heart attack. The nursing home committed to continuing his critical dialysis, but repeatedly ignored the physician's orders to do so. The patient died.

Result: Substantial Six-Figure Settlement

Wrongful Death — Elder Abuse — Residential Care Facility Negligence

Our client was the daughter of an 84-year old woman with Alzheimer's disease who was being cared for in a residential care facility. The facility advertised itself as a secure Alzheimer's facility. The woman died of injuries suffered when she managed to wander out of the facility despite alarms that went off when she opened a supposedly secure exit. Our client's mother made it to the parking lot of a fast food restaurant where she fell and hit her head. She never recovered from her injuries and died six weeks later. Substantial evidence existed as to the facility's negligence in failing to protect an Alzheimer's resident from wandering, a common behavior of Alzheimer's victims.

Result: $600,000 Settlement

Wrongful Death — Medical Malpractice

The single mother of a 12-year-old girl fainted at work, and was taken to Centinela Hospital's emergency room. Over approximately ten hours the 30-year-old woman remained in the emergency room, no effort was made to diagnose or treat her. Her condition continued to deteriorate. Instead, the emergency room management was focusing on finding a way to transport her to a Kaiser facility where she was a member. Three hours after the patient arrived at Kaiser, she died of a pulmonary embolism.

In an effort to cover up the negligent care, a hospital nurse altered the patient's records.

Result: Confidential Substantial Settlement

Wrongful Death — Toxic Substances

Our client was the widow of an electrician who remodeled ships on the high seas. As they did the remodels, they would tear off the lagging and expose asbestos. Because of the long-term exposure, he developed mesothelioma and eventually died.

Result: $750,000 Settlement

Wrongful Death — Unsafe Premises — Slip and Fall

Our client, a diabetic woman with a husband and children, fell and broke her ankle while walking down a handicapped ramp at a restaurant. She applied a heating pad to her ankle, but due to her peripheral neuropathy she could not feel the heat burn it caused, which then led to an infection requiring two surgeries to treat. She died during the second surgery.

Result: Confidential Substantial Settlement

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