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We have had noteworthy victories on behalf of clients harmed on unsafe premises. By their nature they are often difficult cases to prove and win. We have an excellent track record in both trial and settlement of these cases. The following reflect some of our trial victories and successful outcomes.

Examples of recoveries achieved in unsafe premises cases

Slip and Fall

As part of his routine nightly inspection, our client, a 34-year-old security guard activated a button that held the elevator door open when he inspected the elevators. One night after completing his inspection, he reactivated the elevator, while standing with one foot in the lobby and one in the elevator. The sensors, which should have prevented the doors from closing when sensing a body part, failed and both the inside and outside doors closed on his leg. He lost his balance, fell, and felt pain in his back, leg and foot. After nine months of treatment, including back surgery, our client was still in pain. Prior to the accident, our client used to exercise on a regular basis.

Result: Confidential Substantial Settlement

Industrial Trip and Fall — Third-Party Case

Our client, a local Teamster leader, was visiting a UPS location when he became entangled in a plastic strap used to bundle packages, causing him to trip and fall. He smashed his elbow and kneecap on the cement floor. After multiple surgeries he was left with permanent damage to his elbow and was unable to return to work.

Result: $1,375,000 Jury Verdict

Slip and Fall — Wrongful Death

Our client, a diabetic woman with a husband and children, fell and broke her ankle while walking down a handicapped ramp at a restaurant. She applied a heating pad to her ankle, but due to her peripheral neuropathy she could not feel the heat-burn it caused, which then led to an infection requiring two surgeries to treat. She died during the second surgery.

Result: Confidential Substantial Settlement

Slip and Fall — Spinal Injury Third-Party Case

Our client, a 59-year-old automotive service manager, worked for Penske Automotive Center located on Kmart premises. He slipped on battery acid leaking from a battery left in a store aisle by a Kmart employee. This violated Kmart safety policies. He suffered a herniated disk requiring surgery. He was unable to continue gainful employment and continued to suffer with back pain.

Result: $1,127,500 Jury Verdict

Slip and Fall — Spinal Injury

Our client, a woman in her 50's, suffered spinal injuries after slipping and falling on a police station's recently mopped and still wet floor. As a result, she re-injured her back and needed back surgery. No posted signs warned of a wet floor.

Result: $400,000 Settlement

Slip and Fall — Third-Party Case

Our client was a 46-year-old woman employed by Ralph's as a bakery clerk. Just prior to her early morning shift, a maintenance contractor employee applied wax stripper to the floor, but did not post warning signs or barricades. Our client slipped and fell, and suffered injuries which included a fractured rib and disc injury in her neck. She required neck surgery and was unable to return to employment at the market.

Result: $770,000 Jury Verdict

Fall — Spinal Injury Third-Party Case

While working on an elevated platform at Los Angeles International Airport, our client was exposed to a jet blast from an airline's taxiing engine. He was blown from the platform to the ground, suffering spinal injuries. The suit was filed in federal court.

Result: $400,000 Settlement

Slip and Fall — Spinal Injury

Our client, a 46-year-old school bus driver, was directed to park her bus in a different area than usual in the school parking lot. When exiting the bus, she stepped onto an uneven sloping area near a sunken drain grate, slipped and fractured her ankle. The grate was covered with leaves and debris. Her injury required surgery, and she now needs a cane to walk. She can no longer drive a bus, which left her virtually unemployable.

Result: $757,400 Jury Verdict

(largest jury verdict in trial department where the case was decided)

Slip and Fall

Our client, a young homemaker, slipped on a just-washed floor in the restroom of a multiple-screen cinema in Ventura County. She severely injured her left wrist and elbow, which required three surgeries, and left her unable to participate in the recreational sports in which she once excelled.

Result: Confidential Substantial Settlement

Sexual Assault — Third-Party Case

Our client, a 37-year-old security guard, was assigned to a Wilshire Blvd. condominium by his employer. In the early morning, he was sexually assaulted at gunpoint by a male intruder. Approximately three months earlier, a similar incident had occurred with a perpetrator who bore a similar resemblance to our client's attacker. The first victim's keys were taken, but the condominium's homeowners' association management company did not re-key or take other safety measures to protect against similar incidents.

Result: $793,000 Jury Verdict


Our client, a 45-year-old woman who worked for a bank, was attacked and hit in the head with a lead pipe, fell unconscious and had her car stolen while in an inadequately supervised parking lot.

Result: $650,000 Settlement

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