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We have had extraordinary success representing those injured by various toxic substances. We've described representative wins below.

Examples of recoveries achieved in toxic substances cases

Birth Defects — Brain Injury - Spinal injury

Our client's mother ate homegrown vegetables from her garden while she was pregnant, and unknowingly ingested lead that had migrated through the air from a spray paint booth in a nearby factory. This exposure cased birth defects, including deafness, impaired vision, acute scoliosis, malformations of the cerebellum and brain stem, and mental retardation. The verdict was against the paint manufacturer for failing to provide adequate warnings and instructions, as the paint factory was bankrupt.

Result: $3,970,000 Verdict

This was the first case in the country to show that lead in the environment caused birth defects.

Birth Defects

Our client was born with significant birth defects. The child's mother had two cats that slept on her bed. We proved that prenatal exposure to fleacide caused the birth defects.

Result: $2,200,000 Settlement

Birth Defect — Dangerous Gases

Our client, a teacher who worked in a portable classroom, gave birth to a baby with severe defects. We proved that the defects were caused by the mother inhaling a "witch's brew" of dangerous gases emitted by the portable classroom. Portable classrooms are built like mobile homes, which are regulated by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). HUD limits the use of chemicals, but there are no similar standards for portable classrooms.

We are also representing four other teachers with claims of severe health problems.

Result: $1,750,000 Settlement

Asbestos Exposure — Wrongful Death

Our client was the widow of an electrician who remodeled ships on the high seas. As they did the remodels, they would tear off the lagging and expose asbestos. Because of the long-term exposure, he developed mesothelioma and eventually died.

Result: $750,000 Settlement

Fumigants — Brain Injury

Our client was an artist who lived in a loft. Wicker baskets, which were sprayed with toxic fumigants to protect them from rodents, were stored in the area just below her. The exposure to the fumes caused memory loss, and she could no longer work as an artist.

Result: Substantial Six-Figure Settlement

Chemicals — Brain Injury Third-Party Case

Our client, a pay dozer operator, was working at the Port of Los Angeles. He accidentally broke into an underground storage tank filled with residual chemicals. The fumes caused him to pass out and suffer slight brain injury.

Result: $500,000 Settlement

Chemicals — Nerve Injury

Our client, an auto mechanic, was working where a solvent was stored and used. The chemical exposure caused peripheral nerve injuries resulting in disability.

Result: $1,800,000 Settlement

A similar case settled for $750,000.


An exterminator incorrectly used an undiluted form of a highly toxic pesticide on a couple's home. The couple suffered both heart and liver damage, and they were left with an uninhabitable home, which they had to remediate.

Result: $585,000 Settlement

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