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As many of us have learned in recent years, the job market is a tough place. This is a free market economy and employers generally have the right to hire and fire whoever they like, without any explanation.  Contrary to popular belief, you do not have a legal right to your job.

However, the law does protect workers from certain types of discrimination and harassment.  It is unlawful for an employer to fire an employee, or take any other type of substantial adverse actions, such as a failure to hire, demotion, or pay cut, based solely on one of the following:

  • Physical disability or medical condition
  • Age
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Whistleblowing

Employers are generally savvy enough to avoid stating one of these prohibited reasons as the official reason for termination or other adverse action.  If there is reason to believe, however, that the true reason for the termination was one of the legally protected categories listed above, it is important to consult with experienced counsel to determine if the particular facts of the case, as applied to the law, justify legal action.

Employers may also be liable for harassment committed in the workplace.  Unwanted sexual advances or racial epithets are legally prohibited, and victims of such acts can seek monetary damages if the transgressions are substantial and if other legal criteria are met.

An employee who has been the victim of unlawful discrimination or harassment, has not received reasonable accommodation with regard to a disability, has not been given time off for family or medical leave, or has reported to the government illegal employer conduct and as a result has lost her job or suffered other adverse actions at work have the right to bring a lawsuit to protect their rights.  Generally speaking, they can seek monetary compensation through the courts for lost earnings, emotional distress, and attorneys’ fees for violations of those rights.

The law firm of Gordon, Edelstein, Krepack, Grant, Felton & Goldstein, LLP takes pride in representing individuals who have been the victims of employment discrimination or harassment. 

Examples of recoveries achieved in employment discrimination cases

Disability Discrimination — Fair Employment and Housing

Our client was a baggage handler for a major airline. After suffering several work-related injuries, the airline tried to prevent him from returning to work even though he demonstrated that he was still capable of doing the job.

We demonstrated that the company was discriminating against him on the basis of his disability and failing to fulfill their legal duty to make reasonable accommodations for his condition.

Result: Confidential Substantial Settlement and the client was given his old job back.

Disability Discrimination — Fair Employment and Housing

Two female clients worked as administrative assistants for a water treatment company at two different offices. Both were the victims of sexual harassment by their male supervisors.

We were able to show that both men made frequent, unwanted advances at both women and that the company failed to take action despite both women making complaints to company supervisors.

Result: Confidential Substantial Settlements in both cases.

Racial Discrimination

Our client, a teacher, was continually harassed by her supervisor, based upon her Hispanic heritage. The supervisor accused our client of being an illegal alien, regularly made racist comments about Hispanics and otherwise berated her in a loud, aggressive and intimidating manner based upon her ethnicity.

Our client experienced severe mental anguish and emotional distress, became unable to work and incurred significant medical expenses.

Result: Confidential Substantial Settlement

Disability Discrimination

Our client was a schoolteacher with a prosthetic leg. He taught in both a classroom and shop class one-quarter mile apart. The trek between the two venues, up to 20 times each day, caused ulceration on the stump of his leg. He was eventually unable to walk for any period of time without pain and disability. The school refused to provide reasonable accommodations for his handicap.

Result: $775,000 Settlement

Disability Discrimination — Fair Employment and Housing

Our client, an insurance adjuster in a supervisory capacity, was involved in a motorcycle accident that rendered him paraplegic and confined to a wheelchair. Insurance company management reneged on a promise to hold his position open for him, then repeatedly offered him unsuitable positions.

We demonstrated that the company failed to take any affirmative steps toward investigating and/or finding sufficient accommodations that would assist our client in finding work.

Result: Confidential Substantial Settlement

Racial Discrimination

Our client, a 43-year-old man, worked for the City of Long Beach as a parking meter technician. His supervisor continually harassed him, making derogatory references to his Mexican heritage, accent and immigration status. Despite complaints to other supervisors and management, nothing was done. Finally, our client became angry at his supervisor and an argument ensued. Our client went off work due to stress. He suffered low self-esteem and a consequent anxiety disorder from the years of abuse.

The City claimed the racial slurs did not occur, or if they did they were isolated, and that the supervisor treated everyone poorly.

As a result of the settlement, the supervisor was removed from the parking meter shop and isolated to prevent interaction with any of the technicians.

Result: Substantial Six-Figure Settlement

Sexual Harassment

A Hispanic woman working in a blue-collar job was subject to frequent physical and verbal harassment by her immediate supervisor.

Result: Confidential Substantial Settlement

Sexual Harassment

Our client, a woman employed by a large grocery store chain, was sexually harassed by her supervisor, including being forced to submit to advances to retain her job.

Result: Confidential Substantial Settlement

Sexual Harassment

Our client, a woman who was working in one of the electrical trades with an almost exclusively male workforce, was subjected to verbal and physical harassment resulting in significant psychological injury.

Result: Confidential Substantial Settlement

Sexual Harassment — Sexual Orientation

Our client was continuously harassed and subjected to derogatory remarks and jokes by his supervisor because of his sexual orientation. He became unable to carry out his job duties.

Result: Confidential Substantial Settlement

Sexual Harassment — Racial Discrimination

Our client, an African American female crane operator in her thirties, worked at a job site where she was subjected to written statements of a racially discriminatory nature.

Result: Confidential Substantial Settlement

Sexual Harassment — Government

Our client, a 40-year-old married woman, was a secretary who worked for a government agency and was sexually harassed by her psychologist supervisor. Our client asked for the harassment to stop, but it continued.

Result: Substantial Six-Figure Settlement

Sexual Harassment — Same Sex

Our client, a married woman in her 30s, was a legal secretary who worked for an older woman who subjected her to verbal sexual harassment, such as frequently commenting on her body. Our client requested that she not talk to her that way, but the comments continued.

Result: Confidential Substantial Settlement

Age Discrimination

Our client, a 61-year-old senior employee for The Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District, was terminated from his job after 40 years of service for what he alleged was the application of a policy that had never before been enforced - using the company car for a personal errand. Prior to a new supervisor taking over in 2000, our client had always had good performance reviews and been in good standing. However, the new supervisor began a course of conduct designed to force him to retire, which included verbal pressure and several groundless accusations of misconduct. We developed evidence that the employer's stated reason for termination was a pretext, and that the true reason was age discrimination.

Result: Substantial Six-Figure Settlement

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