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Talking the Talk When It Comes to Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation law is constantly changing. Add to this the widespread use of acroynms, and many claimants are left with an alphabet soup and plenty of questions. The list below is designed to shed some light on the common verbiage used in the course of a Workers’ Compensation case.

Workers' Compensation Terms
AMA—American Medical Association Guidelines to Permanent Impairment 5th Edition
AME --Agreed Medical Examiner
AppApplication for Adjudication of Claim
CCC—California Compensation Cases
CWCR—California Workers’ Compensation Reporter
DWC—Division of Workers’ Compensation
ECEmployee Claim Form
IMRIndependent Medical Review
MMI—Maximum Medical Improvement
MPN—Medical Provider Network
P&S—Permanent and Stationary
PTP—Primary Treating Physician
QME—Qualified Medical Examiner
RFARequest for Authorization
URUtilization Review
WCAB—Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board





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