Workers' Compensation Case Spotlight

The Workers' Compensation Appeals Board provides guidance and leadership through the case opinions and decisions it sets forth. Because these decisions can dramatically affect the lives of injured workers and their families, we bring you updates on current case law that we find particularly impactful.

Case Spotlights

Educational Retraining

Ruling Favors Injured Worker--Entitled to Two Vouchers for Educational Retraining and Skill Enhancement

A California Workers’ Compensation Trial Judge rules in favor of an injured worker’s entitlement to receive two supplemental job displacement vouchers for two separate injuries.

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Permanent Disability and working from home

Does Working from Home Equate to Permanent and Total Disability?

The 3rd District Court of Appeal discusses whether a work restriction to a sheltered work environment, in this case the employee's home, automatically equates to 100 percent permanent and total disability (the inability to compete in the open labor market).

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California IMR Process

Court of Appeal To Hear Oral Arguments Regarding the Constitutionality of the Independent Medical Review Process

On September 30 the California Court of Appeal First Appellate District is set to hear oral arguments on the case of Frances Stevens v. Workers' Compensation Appeals Board and Outspoken Enterprises/SCIF. This case has a potentially significant impact on the issue of injured workers' ability to obtain medical treatment in the state's Workers' Compensation system.

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Workers' Comp Timelines

Differing Court Decisions Highlight the Importance of Timelines in Medical Treatment Disputes

Conflicting Workers' Compensation case decisions center on the adherence to timelines when it comes to medical treatment disputes in the Independent Medical Review process.

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