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Seat Belt Safety

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Seat belts are extremely effective at saving lives and reducing injuries. And, California law requires that drivers and passengers wear seat belts at all times.

Wearing Your Seat Belt Properly:

  • Position your shoulder belt over the top part of your shoulder and across your chest. This distributes crash forces over a large area of your rib cage and protects your soft organs underneath.
  • Make sure the shoulder belt lies comfortably snug against your body. Some shoulder belts work like window shades; each time you lean forward, even a little, and then back the shoulder belt loosens and stays that way unless it's tugged on. There should never be more than one inch of slack between you and your shoulder belt. Get into the habit of checking your belt often.
  • Don't tuck your shoulder belt underneath your arm. In a crash, this puts pressure on your ribs, which are thin and easily broken. Broken ribs may be pushed inward, potentially causing serious damage to your internal organs.


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