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Construction Accidents Attorneys

Faulty forklifts, cranes, falling material or carelessly strewn tools are only a few of the dangers encountered on construction sites. We have extensive experience representing clients who have been harmed in these situations. Below are just a few examples.

Examples of recoveries achieved in construction accident cases

Brain Injury — Third-Party Case

Our client, a laborer putting in air conditioning, was knocked to the ground from the top of a ladder by a falling piece of ventilation weighing 200 pounds. Upon striking the ground, he hit his head and suffered an injury to his brain.

Result: $1,000,000 Settlement


Brain Injury — Third-Party Case

Our client, a 43-year-old laborer, was working for a contractor engaged by a housing tract developer. The laborer dug a hole for a multi-ton septic tank to be placed by another contractor. The tank was held in a cradle on a crane and lowered into the hole. As it was being lowered, a cable came loose releasing a six-foot-long, 75-pound iron bar. Our client, standing nearby, was knocked down. He suffered head injuries resulting in a hearing deficit, poor vision, fatigue, memory problems and emotional impairments.

Result: $1,000,000 Settlement


Uncovered Hole — Third-Party Case

Our client was a housekeeper for a church undergoing renovation. While searching for linens in a closet, she stepped into an access hole a construction worker had negligently left uncovered. The fall injured her neck and required surgery.

Result: Confidential Substantial Settlement


Electrocution — Third-Party Case

Our client, a construction worker, was instructed to dig with a backhoe in an area which was supposed to have been checked for electrical lines, but was not. The backhoe struck a 13,000-volt electrical line. As a result, he suffered extreme nervousness and anxiety, and was unable to return to employment for a significant period of time.

Result: $460,000 Settlement


Falling Material — Third-Party Case

Our client was a female supervisor employed as a labor foreman for a construction company. She was hit by a 2,000-pound load of steel strut packaged on a defective wooden pallet, which became unstable and fell on her. We proved that inadequate instructions and warnings contributed to the accident.

Result: $850,000 Settlement

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